The Only App You Need When You're Abroad

I want to preface this post by saying that this is in no way, shape or form of an advertisement for or endorsement of TripAdvisor. If they were paying me to write this, you would be the first to know. Unfortunately, they're not paying me a damn cent.

But, this app is something you need to know about. If you're studying abroad, or just traveling to a new city in general, you need to download the TripAdvisor City Guides app A$AP ROCKY. Whether you're looking for some place to eat, a good club or bar or just want to see some sights, this app has it all.

Don't waste your time with all those other travel apps, trust me. Photo courtesy of

Don't waste your time with all those other travel apps, trust me. Photo courtesy of

The best part though–it works offline. That's right, you don't need an Internet connection for this baby. I have no idea what sorcery TripAdvisor is using to do this, but it works great. You simply download the city you're going to on the app, and boom, everything's there. Right at your fingertips. 

It even has a "point me there" feature that gives you directions to where you want to go. Easy as pie.

So, if you have no sense of direction like myself, this app is going to save your ass more than a few times. Also, we prefer the term "directionally challenged."

Edit: Another fun fact, you can also save all the places you go into the app under the "My TripJournal" feature. This comes in handy to remember where all your favorite spots are and also lets you take notes on each spot if you're a hip blogger like myself. Or if you just like taking notes, don't worry your secret's safe with me.

Edit #2: Shout out to my friend Ben for the recommendation.